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Stories of God's Goodness

Come To Him Ministries is a life-changing program that has helped many individuals who have been burdened by crisis, abuse, and addiction. Their inspiring stories demonstrate the profound impact of God's goodness. Take a moment to listen and discover how God has transformed lives through Come to Him Ministries.


Meet Michelle. Listen to her tell her story as a mother who was introduced to Come to Him Ministries and found her life being transformed through her time spent with CTH.


Hello, my name is Mayisa and I want to share bit of God's glory through my story. I went through 7 foster homes before I was 4 years old. In my last foster home I stayed there until I was 18 years old. I was molested at the age of 4 by a man with one arm. I played along thinking it was a game. That faded and than I was molested again at the age of 9 by a woman, and at the age of 19 I was gang raped and than told that it was all my fault; that sent me into a deep depression. Gang members accepted me and affirmed me so I started "gang bangin". That sent me into selling drugs and it wasn't long before I started going to jail. When I was in the 12th grade, I just started living my life to die. Then I found alcohol and it made feel like I had life. I found confidence and courage that I didn't know I had, at least I thought. After I had done my first prison term for robbery, I became a well known gang member of the "Crips." In between this time I had a daughter and ended up giving her to her father. I became so cold that it felt like I could not love anymore. So I stepped up my game and started selling cocaine and it wasn't long after that I started smoking it. I felt free to do anything Except the right thing. And so now I lost my son to foster care. That made me feel less than a woman so I really started drinking and drugging. I developed a staph infection in my throat and was rushed to Martin Luther King Hospital which saved my life. I had three tubes hanging out of my neck but that didn't stop me from getting right out and starting to smoke dope again. I ended up homeless, pushing a cart around the streets all day. I had to sleep in abandoned cars & collect aluminum cans for money. This lasted about five years. I was presented with the opportunity to deliver for a dope dealer and while I was running across the street one day, I was hit by a car. I was able to get up, not too badly injured. But the second time, I broke two ribs and was crippled. That's when God stepped in and sent me back to jail and I received Prop 36. So I ended up in the Phoenix House which is a behavior modification program and I stayed there for three months. While I was living there, I didn't have a job so I heard thru the grapevine of a program called Homeboy Industries. They help ex-gang members find jobs and they found me one right across from my program. So then I moved to Come To Him Ministries. I got my driver's license and learned how to live. You see, I had just finished doing a year at First Day where they cooked three meals a day for me. So I had to start cooking for myself and keeping my apartment clean, and washing my own clothes. But I think the most important thing is that James and Kay started to make me think about God. I saw God's love as they talked with me and sat with me and drove me different places. James and Kay loved me until I could love myself. While in Come To Him, I finished Prop 36 and attended my graduation from the Phoenix House. And now, I am in the process of moving to a new location where will keep up what I have learned and have my own room. I'm still working at Carl's Jr. because that is where the economy has me right now. I am working less than part time but I have a plan. My plan is to get my High School diploma, and find my daughter and see where God will lead me from there.

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Hello my name is Jimmy and I am 52 years old. I came to this ministry from Texas because my cousin, who was already in Come to Him Ministries, told me that James Chambers could help me if I could get out of my environment. So I arranged a flight and came to California. I must mention that before coming here, my life was hopeless. I was a street junkie supporting my habit through crime. My only way out of this life was either by death or incarceration. I was hopelessly addicted. I had no life, no hope and most importantly, no God. I was in a lot of legal trouble and my family was on edge. I came to CTH and did what I was told. It was fairly miserable at first because it seemed that everywhere I applied for work I was shot down. Part of the reason I now understand is that I have always put a high value on making money and I needed to work on my spiritual side. Thanks to God, working through the leader of this ministry, I have put many pieces of my life back together. I am attending church regularly. I've received a mentor who has encouraged me to get involved with God's work. I have been here for over a year so I feel like an insider instead of an outsider. I now have a full time job and am financially stable. I have real hope and joy. Most of all, I have God now. I have forgiveness through Jesus Christ. I ask myself every day "how did I get from the hell I was in, to this wonderful life?” God made that possible, and this ministry made it possible to find God. God is really faithful and merciful!


My name is Stacy and I am a grateful beneficiary of Come to Him Ministries. James and Kay Chambers not only saved my life, they made it worth living! A little about me "before" Come To Him... I grew up in a single parent household because my father died when I was 8. I never went to church and never heard anything about God or Jesus growing up. The only exception to this is when Grandma came to town. I remember all the religious stuff would go up on the walls, the rosary in my pocket, service in Latin etc. As soon as Grandma left things would go back to normal. Needless to say, I thought religion was silly and fake. I had no desire to pretend to worship something I knew nothing about. Grandma died when I was 12, her last request that we get baptized. Several of my cousins and I were rushed to her home and the Priest baptized us. I was told to not ask questions, just shut up and do it. My mom is not a bad person; she is just not a believer. This formed the basis for my complete lack of any belief system and my strong opinion that all "religious" people were just plain nuts. I spun out of control and was hooked on drugs by age 13. At age 23 I married my drug dealer and a few months later had my daughter; 5 years later I had my son. My husband and I quit the "hard" drugs when I got pregnant in 1992, and we stayed off them for 14 years. My poor kids, even though I was not on "illegal" drugs I was a drunk, pain pill addicted, angry, resentful woman who justified my actions by the fact that I worked all the time. My husband is a stay at home dad and perpetual student. It was a rocky marriage to say the least. I always felt empty, like something was missing. I tried AA, NA, psychotherapy, psych meds, alcohol, and work work work to try to fill the void. After 14 years off meth and coke I decided to jump back in. From August 06 to December 07 I managed to lose 100 pounds, a Lincoln Town car, a home, my family and friends and my sanity. I was broke, homeless, strung out and selling drugs to get my fix. A close friend offered to pay for "rehab" and I agreed. I drove from Arizona to California and tried another ministry. I bounced out of there after a few weeks but agreed to give it one more shot. A friend told me about "Come to Him" and after a week of phone calls and promises to show up I finally got the nerve to actually do it. Unfortunately for James it was 3 AM and I was high on cocaine with all my belongings in a stranger's car. He met me anyway and wisely placed me in a motel for 24 hours to get some sleep. Feb 3rd I was introduced to the ministry. James took me to get an ID, open a bank account, get some food and much more that I don't remember. After a few weeks I came out of my haze and started paying attention. I was impressed but wary, remember I thought all "religious" people were nutcases. James, Kay and the residents were patient and kind. They SHOWED me what being a true Christ follower is really about. They introduced me to God. They allowed me to grow in faith and were there when I had my regular "crisis of faith". They found me an awesome mentor, took me to Whittier Hills Baptist Church, Firm Foundations Bible study and Life Recovery meetings. I joined a women's year long bible study on the book of Samuel, my first ever. I became involved in some service work; I even got to assist in the Sunday School summer program. I fit right in with the second graders as a young Christian. I was baptized in November 08 at the age of 39, and this time I understood what it meant! I KNOW God's grace, the empty hole is filled, I have peace and I know what it is to love. I also now understand the difference between religion and a relationship with God. It may seem basic to a mature believer but to me this made all the difference in the world! I moved to my own place after 14 months in the ministry and am doing great. I am gainfully employed and drug free. My family is slowly coming around and my faith and trust in the Lord allow me to be patient during this long process. I am blessed with many wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord. I developed life long relationships at Come to Him. I can only hope that God will use me to do his perfect will, and that I can bring others to the Lord.



This is Daniel. Hear his story and experience with Come To Him Ministries as he told it during the CTH 2021 recognition event.


This is Chris. Listen to him tell his story about Come to Him Ministries. Learn how Chris, like many others, has found freedom and success with a little help.

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